• We are a family run business, co-founded by Healthcare-experts
  • At Vitopia, we understand your hair loss needs and concerns, as one of our co-founders suffered from excessive hair loss after pregnancy.
  • After 2 years of intensive research and development, we founded Beauty Peak Hair. As experts in the field, we wanted to create a brand that you would trust with natural ingredients. 
  • Beauty Peak Hair has a unique formula, which contains 26 active ingredients to support your hair. Each ingredient has been selected to ensure you are receiving the optimum intake of daily nutrients that you need to maintain your natural looking hair.
  • Beauty Peak Hair by Vitopia is manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacture Practice) approved facility in the UK. 
  • Beauty Peak Hair by Vitopia has the highest quality accredited by BRC Global Standards for Food Safety.
  • Beauty Peak Hair comes in a blister pack to ensure efficacy for each capsule by less exposed to environmental factors. We also do not test our products on animals.
Vitopia beauty peak testimony 1

I am obsessed with these vitamins

I am absolutely obsessed with these vitamins, my hair has never felt so healthy and shiny. I’ve always struggled with growing my hair as my ends would split but I feel like I’ve been reborn. Thanks Vitopia

Matea, London

Vitopia beauty peak testimony 4

I’ve never had my hair this healthy

I’ve been using these for 2 months now and I’ve never had my hair this healthy. My hair used to be dry and unhealthy, used to fall a lot too but now they feel strong and look shiny. I highly recommend this product.

Alisha, London

Vitopia beauty peak review 2

Highly recommended!

I started taking Vitopia about 3 months ago and my hair feels and looks thicker and glossier. Viopia is packed with 22 ingredients, natural and effective. Highly recommended for anyone who want fabulous hair!

Yasmin, London

Vitopia beauty peak testimony 2

A brilliant product!!

I really noticed the difference in my hair..it definitely thickened up!’

Lydia, Hornchurch

Vitopia beauty peak review 3

Give this a try!

I’ve been taking hair supplements from Vitopia and have noticed that my hair is now more manageable, stronger and shinier due to its 26 natural active ingredients. If you seek for a healthy hair growth, give this a try. Recommended.

Akina, Edgwar

Vitopia beauty peak review 1

I love the hair supplements

I love the hair supplements . Made my hair visibly smoother!

Annie, Sheffield

Vitopia beauty peak review 4

Highly recommended!

I wasn’t expecting to see much difference for a while but I was surprised by finding my hair was looking and feeling a lot healthier and it had more volume and life to it. Highly recommended!

Melissa, Oxfordshire

My hair is a lot stronger!

I have been using VITOPIA supplements for 2 months and it has made my hair alot stronger and shinier. I’d highly recommend it to everyone.

Sam, Aylesbury

Vitopia beauty peak review 5

Absolutely life-changing!

Absolutely life-changing, I can already feel my hair so much shinier, so much smoother when I touch it, it feels good.

Letizia, Croyden

Beauty Peak Hair contains a combination of 26 active ingredients, including fish collagen, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid, Co Enzyme Q10, Grape Seed Extract, Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals working from the inside out. Biotin, Selenium and Zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal hair, whilst Copper contributes to normal hair pigmentation.


Creation of Beauty Peak Hair by Vitopia


Active ingredients to support hair health and hair growth.


Years of extensive research and development


mg per serve of Unique marine collagen complex

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