Dealing with Postpartum Hair Loss

Dealing with Postpartum Hair Loss

You may have heard the term postpartum hair loss, however it is not until you experience it first-hand that you really understand the impact that it can have on your self-esteem and confidence.

I’ve always been fortunate to have quite thick hair with a natural wave, so when I became pregnant, I never really worried about postpartum hair loss.

Beauty Peak hair loss vitamins
Beauty Peak

Fast forward to 3 months post pregnancy and we’ve finally got our newborn into a routine when it comes to having naps in the day and sleeping at night. For the first time in 3 months, I’m finally starting to feel human again and then my hair started shedding.

At first, I wasn’t that concerned as I know post pregnancy hair loss for women is normal and should only last for a few months. However, after the first few weeks I became really concerned. I dreaded washing my hair in the shower with the fear of how much hair I would lose. I bought a gentle brush to comb my hair to reduce any unnecessary friction and to avoid losing large clumps of hair. I dreaded vacuuming the house, as the vacuum would be jam packed full of my hair afterwards. I genuinely started to panic, wondering what happens if the shedding doesn’t naturally stop after 3 months. After reading various articles online about hair loss causes, hair loss hormones and hair loss pregnancy, I decided to speak to a qualified Trichologist and I went to the GP to have my iron levels checked, which came back normal. Then after a very emotional 3 months, the shedding finally stopped, but my hair was left feeling very weak and brittle.

I decided to start researching multivitamins for hair growth, as well as hair loss supplements and hair growth supplements to improve my hair health and I came across Beauty Peak Hair, a new hair supplement that contains 26 active ingredients to support your hair. I read that one of the founders had experienced excessive hair loss after pregnancy, which inspired her to create the brand, this really resonated with me.

Beauty Peak vitamins

I decided to try a 3 months supply of Beauty Peak Hair, I didn’t have any major expectations, as I know that there a plethora of hair loss treatments for women on the market and a lot people question do hair growth vitamins actually work?

After a month of taking 2 Beauty Peak Hair supplements on a daily basis, I was really impressed with the results. My hair began to feel stronger and I started to see the appearance of little baby hairs growing, which was a huge relief. I continued the course for 3 months and my hair feels so much stronger and has got its bounce back, I would definitely recommend Beauty Peak Hair.

Nicola, Mum of 1.

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