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Daily D



  • Chewable tablets
  • Blackcurrant flavour
  • 1000iu (25mcg)
  • 90's/180's



Most of us are aware of vitamin D being essential for maintenance of teeth and bone health, and it does this by supporting the incorporation of calcium, and reducing the loss of calcium from the teeth and bone structure. For these benefits the RDA level of 5µg per day is normally adequate. Recently however, there have been enormous levels of publicity surrounding major scientific studies performed over the last 30 years which strongly indicate that higher levels of vitamin D are potentially very beneficial in a wide range of other health issues. In particular, vitamin D appears to assist our cells in regulating their function so that they remain normal.

These recently recognised benefits are however associated with higher levels of vitamin D – typically 25µg or five times the RDA level which is still perfectly safe to take. Aliment has now introduced Daily-D in a very pleasant chewable tablet form containing the full level of 25µg per tablet – making it the easiest means possible of ensuring that you receive the full benefits of this wonderful vitamin.

Who should take this product

Recent research has changed our view on vitamin D and now suggests that extra vitamin D is required by everybody for maintenance of optimum health. Therefore everyone should take Daily D every day.

Recommended dosage

One chewable tablet per day.


Active Ingredients per Tablet Amount RDA %
Vitamin D 25µg (1000iu) 500

Xylitol, Natural Blackcurrant flavour, Silica, Vegetable magnesium stearate, Acacia gum, DL alpha tocopherol.


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